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Forever and a Night Reviews

This is what readers have to say about Forever and a Night

I just finished the book Forever and a Night, and loved it! I can't even imagine not having the book now. I'm so thankful I had asked about the book that day at Barnes and Noble because now I have gained two things from it, one this awesome book and two I know an awesome author. I feel so close to her, but only meet her once. She is an amazing person and author! Thanks for the book and kindness you have given to me in such a short time Lana!


Good read for the hopeless romantic. I bought the book and it was soooo worth it.


Great read.kathyduncan 1019
This is a book I read in 3 days. It rained alot so I took advantage of the time. It is still with me. I feel like I'm a part of this circle. I definitely want more. I was drawn in the first chapter and reread the first 2 to wrap my head around it. Sensational writing, captivating, beautiful love story. This book gets ten stars from me. Can't wait for the next book to come out. Highly recommend this read! forever and a night by Lana Campbell


This was a good read. The characters were likeable. This book gave me a new look at vampires and faith. I would like to see another book that goes on to explain their growing family. I was very glad that there was not too much romance or so much sex that takes away from the story line, but just enough to make it interesting . There was also some humor, never hurts to include a few laughs . I will be looking for the next book.


"Forever and a Night" was a pleasure to read! Lana Campbell has done a remarkable job of developing a set of characters that jump off the page. The primary and secondary characters are well-developed and vibrant.

This is the story of Mia and Nathan, two characters who appear to be destined to come together but are prevented from doing so by Nathan's secret, one far too shocking for Mia to understand or cope with.

Campbell does a remarkable job of giving her readers a thorough understanding of what it is to be a vampire. The level of detail of vampire culture is intricate and seamlessly weaved throughout the narrative.

This is a vampire story, but it is so much more than a vampire story. It is a very unique entry in the genre. Christianity is a major element of the story. One could argue that this is as much a Christian story as it is a vampire story. The theme of personal faith flows naturally with the plot. At times, it is so subtle that the reader might not recognize it as a major theme, but make no mistake, Mia's faith is a major obstacle when it comes to accepting Nathan for who he is.

As important as Mia's faith is in determining whether or not she will accept Nathan for who he is, it is not the only factor, nor is it the primary factor. Mia's lack of understanding of vampire culture is the primary factor. One can view this story as an allegory for discrimination in the real world. Mia is ignorant when it comes to vampires, so much so that she initially refuses to acknowledge their very existence when Nathan reveals the truth to her. When she does finally accept the truth, her lack of understanding of what vampires are all about leads her to be repulsed by them, particularly Nathan. She believes she has good reason for focusing her resentment of vampires on Nathan but eventually has to come to terms with the fact that in condemning Nathan for his perceived sins, she is turning a blind eye to her own.

Deeply meaningful and thoroughly enjoyable, "Forever and a Night" will keep you turning the pages. Check it out. You'll be glad you did!


This book rises above all of the of the other books that I’ve read in this genre
in that it deals with its characters on what feels like a deeply emotional level. Mia, a sous chef in a restaurant called Tavana’s in New Orleans is a genuinely honorable person, an adored parent, and a caring person with ethics and religious beliefs. She meets one of the customers, Nathan Davenport, who is a Real Estate Mogul, the richest man in the U.S., and a Vampire! At the beginning we see him as being totally unethical. He hypnotizes Mia, and has his way with her, both sexually, and in his Vampire’s way… the blood feeding, the bite marks, etc. Also he controls her mind so that she will forget what happened. The world that the author presents us with unfolds as we see that a relationship between a human and a Vampire (as exemplified by his friends Julia and Dimitri) is possible, but only if many deep issues are dealt with.Also, there is a villain, Isabella, another Vampire who is stalking him. She was the ‘feral’ Vampire who many years before, turned Nathan from a human into a Vampire. One of the many issues with Nathan is that he shows signs of going ‘feral’ as well. Going ‘feral’ means feeding off of the same human repeatedly, and eventually going completely out of control leading to insanity where the only cure is real permanent death. But with Mia, he has a chance for a real life if they can both come to terms with their differences through forgiveness, trust and more. Two thumbs up and five stars for this novel with unforgettable characters and a deeply felt plot.


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